Honey, I Shrunk The Number Of People Interested In My Blog

So, this post is gonna be a little ~controversial~. It’s on a topic that gets people rather passionate, and I’m gonna be honest, I don’t want to get on the wrong side of that passion. It’s something that around 1% of the population cares deeply about, whilst the other 99% has no idea that it’s even a debate.

It’s about honey. Yup, that delicious, healthy, natural shit that everyone loves (especially if you’ve got a cold). Why is it such a debate, you ask? Bees make it, right? So then it’s not vegan? Right?!?! Wrong, some would say. And I’m confused. I’ve read tonnes of articles (and tumblr posts) about how bees make too much honey which makes them swarm, and how without beekeeping all flowers would die, and how they love making food for us.

The reason I’m writing about honey is because I just can’t decide whether to avoid it during Veganuary. In the interest of not having people shout at me, I think I’ll try as much as possible to choose agave syrup. But, let’s be honest, that shit is expensive and I have to put a deposit down on a flat, so I’m not sure how long my agave days will last.

So, fellow Veganuers (?) and full-on vegans, what should I do? What’s your opinion on the big honey debate? Should I suck it up and buy agave, or reach for the Crunchy Nut Cornflakes? What’s so bad about honey? Is it better to only get local stuff and hope that they keep bees more ‘ethically’? Or is the idea of ‘keeping’ animals vegan at all?


P.S. I nearly broke my Veganuary resolution at about ten past midnight by reaching for the Quorn Scotch eggs. Shout out to Genna for reminding me that there are eggs in Scotch eggs.


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