Day Three, Or ‘Why Is Everything So Expensive?!’

It’s January 3rd, and I’ve had two brushes with animal products. One was the infamous Quorn Scotch egg incident, and one was about two hours ago when I very nearly ate a big bowl of pasta with truffle pesto sauce. Never again will I trust my mother to read the labels!

But this evening, whilst chillin out watching Paul O’Grady’s For The Love of Dogs, I experienced something which made me want to stay vegan forever. Suprisingly, it wasn’t the adorable Lurcher named Twinkle who WAS ABANDONED AND TIED TO AN ELECTRIC FENCE BUT JUST GOT ADOPTED I’M CRYIN. It was a handful of Freedom Confectionery Mallows.

These sweets are better than any gelatine-filled marshmallows I’ve ever had, and better than the vast majority of sweets I’ve eaten. They are light and sweet without being unbearably so, and generally delicious. And, somehow, they are everything-free. That’s egg, dairy, gluten, gelatine, artificial flavouring, soy, GMO, artificial colour, and nut free. I highly recommend them, to my veggie/vegan and omnivore friends.

So, these mallows have made my day. But by no means has it been a struggle staying vegan. I started the day with some orange juice and Weetabix with soya milk, had carrot and coriander soup (made with soya cream) for lunch, snacked on fruit and Oreos, and, after abandoning the truffle sauce, had pasta with Free From pesto and veg for dinner. I haven’t felt like I’m missing out on anything, and I’m enjoying thinking about my food more.

But there’s a downside – it’s all so damn expensive! A bag of vegan marshmallows is £2.50 whilst a much bigger bag of meaty mallows would be about a quid. A tiny jar of Free From pesto is also £2.50, whilst rennet-filled stuff would be at least half the price. I recognise that I’m in a very good position where I can buy these things – or at least, get my mum to add them to the shopping list – and I know that many people can’t do that. But as Veganuary gets more popular and more people go for a cruelty-free lifestyle, there will be more demand for vegan products, and they will get cheaper. I’m looking forward to that day.

I know that being vegan on a budget can be difficult, but I also know that it is far from impossible. When I move out into my own flat (hopefully by the end of Veganuary), I will use natural ingredients and stop using meat/dairy replacements, and it will be a different kind of challenge. But I’m so up for it.


One thought on “Day Three, Or ‘Why Is Everything So Expensive?!’

  1. I love love love your honesty! Your writing is so real and relatable. When I went vegan last year (at uni) I was so struck by how much replacement stuff it! But if you move towards a more veg based diet it’s not as bad, but it’s so tricky in environments where it’s normalised to eat out a lot. Good luck! I believe in you! xxx

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