Veganuary Day 19, Or “I Am Running Out Of Clever Blog Titles”

It’s two-thirds of the way through Veganuary, and I have eaten more dark chocolate in the last three weeks than ever before.


I am going to be very positive in this post – partly to balance out the pessimism in the last one, but also because I’m proud of myself! All my friends who have tried Veganuary have already given up, and aside from a slip-up with caramel biscuits, I’ve stuck by it. I’ve lost weight, which wasn’t my aim at all and didn’t even enter into the reasons I was trying it, but is fun nonetheless. And I’ve tried some new recipes, like “cheat’s moussaka” and those pancakes I was raving about last time.

I am still finding it hard. But in the interests of optimism, I’m going to try something I’ve seen going around on the Veganuary Facebook page. So, here goes…

Things I’m glad are vegan:

  • Oreos! Like any good vegan, these biscuits have become my number one treat. Although they are only accidentally cruelty free, and probably have palm oil in them, buying a pack of these bad boys for the office on January 3rd has saved me a lot of elevensies’ tummy rumbling.
  • Black coffee. I wouldn’t last without this. I feel very tired all the time, and I’m putting it down to January blues and early trains rather than lack of nutrition, but either way I’m glad I can guzzle down my four cups a day guilt-free. If there’s anyone out there who loves a milky coffee, I recommend trying good filter coffee for a bit. That’s what I did when I became lactose intolerant, and I haven’t looked back.
  • (Most) cereal. Now, anyone who knows me will know that I fucking love cereal. From standard Cornflakes to jazzy Ricicles, there is no better breakfast or any-time snack. And they’re generally fortified with vitamins , including that elusive B12. So I don’t feel bad eating three bowls of Shreddies a day any more.
  • Baked potatoes with beans. You have to love this if you’re vegan – if you go for lunch with your grandma, it’s likely to be the only thing on the menu you can eat. But it’s also a great dinner for when you can’t be bothered to cook on a weekday evening.
  • Bourbons. Who’d have thunk it? Special shout out to my sister for realising their lack of animal products, and also for feeding me them when I crashed at her flat for a week.
  • DRIED PASTA. Who doesn’t love pasta?! Well, my grandpa, but that’s just because he inherently distrusts non-English foods. But whipping up a quick bowl of pasta with veg and a sauce has saved me from many a hungry evening.

This is a very short list compared to the vast amount of wonderful vegan food I’ve had this month and before. But thinking back to my favourite treats has made me excited to complete the last twelve days of Veganuary. I also want to recommend some vegan treats that my boss gave me after realising I couldn’t eat the creme egg he’d bought me. They are ‘rose & violet soft fondant cremes’ from Hotel Chocolate, and they’re delicious. Probably not an everyday kinda snack, but they’re worth it if you want to treat yo’ self. Thanks boss!


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