100 Days of Happiness: Day 27


31st March 2017

I don’t even know if I’m missing days anymore! Clearly, 100 Days of Happiness has taught me that I’m terrible at keeping up a daily blog. I had quite a lot to be happy about today, really. My day at work was entertaining, and I had good feedback from my monthly one-to-one. After work, I had a great gym class, then went to my sister’s for wine and dinner. A lovely Friday.


100 Days of Happiness: Days 24 and 25

29th and 30th March 2017

The sun is put and Spring is here! Although I’ve been stuck in the office a lot, I’ve found the time to go outside and enjoy the weather. Yesterday I went for my first ever solo pub trip (not as sad as it sounds) and sat in the amazing beer garden at the Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park. Today, I sat in my own garden with a cup of tea, watching the squirrels prance about on our fence.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 23


28th March 2017

Had a day off today and was super productive! Registered at the doctor and dentist, bought things I’ve been meaning to buy for ages, signed up for a new bank account, hoovered my room… But my Happy for the day was lunch with my sister and a wander around the vintagey shops in Brick Lane. East London is so #edgy but actually so nice.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 21


26th March 2017

One of the best things about today was that I didn’t have too horrific a hangover! But my Happy was seeing my mumma for Mother’s Day, and being back in my adopted hometown of Merstham. We spent the day eating cake and wandering around antique shops, like the one pictured above. I miss that lady now that I’m in London.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 20


March 25th 2017

First day alone in london with little to do  went shopping; then for a walk, then to my sister’s birthday drinks. An alright day, really


EDIT: I massively undersold my day, probably because I had had half a bottle of wine and two margarita slushies. Which also explains the bad grammar. Saturday was actually really nice – the sun was shining and I had a great time at my sister’s drinks with her lovely friends. Drunk me really is a pessimist.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 19


24th March 2017

Despite the fact that my housemate is rapping to v loud music at 1am, I had a nice day. It was my sister’s birthday, so I took the day off work and hung out with her and mum. We went to the Tate Modern and ate lots of nice food. They are good gals.

100 Days of Happiness: Days 16, 17, and 18


I have been TERRIBLE at keeping this updated over the last half a week, but I’ve been ill in bed, so gimme a break. My Happy for the last few days have been various, including a trip to the theatre, a lovely phone call at work, and a film night with my sister. But overall, I’m pretty damn Happy that everyone I know was okay in the Westminster attacks. It’s scary how close I work to the site of the tragedy, and also weird how normal it feels. So here is a photo I took at lunch today, sitting in Trafalgar Square eating leftover pasta, looking out at my home city.