100 Days of Happiness: Days 39-43

April 13th – 17th

Again, I’m gonna have to do a montage of photos because I forgot to upload stuff every day. But who doesn’t love a montage?

I had a lovely bank holiday weekend. My Happy for Thursday was seeing Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime with my boyfriend and his family, which was an excellent play and a lot of fun generally. Friday was a generally lovely day, playing tennis with my boyfriend and sister and brunching with them and a friend, followed by Dancing With Dave and the Radio X team. Saturday was a less fun day, given my shame hangover (and alcohol hangover) from Friday night, but my Happy was returning home to Merstham to see my mumma. I was a lot less vommy on Sunday, and loved playing tennis (again) with the fam and cooking an incredible nut roast.

Generally, my Happiness over the Easter weekend has come from seeing the people I love and doing the things that make me feel alive, like listening to music and exercising and cooking. I’m pretty content right now, really.


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