100 Days of Happiness: Days 44-50

18th-24th April 2017

What aimed to be a daily update has turned into weekly. But that’s okay! Because this challenge is all about happiness. And I certainly won’t find happiness by beating myself up for not posting on a blog every day.

The last week had some lows, e.g. a snap general election which probably means that the Tories will win in a landslide and will rule over us forever. But I’m motivated to stop that happening, to spread information, and to fuck the Tories.

The week also involved an odd day of wandering around London, researching Friends and Members schemes of arts and culture organisations. I got through about 10 podcasts and over 35,000 steps that day.

I also met up with a couple of friends from school, which was lovely. I’m v happy that I have kept in touch with people, and don’t feel awkward with them despite how many years have passed.

The weekend just passed was filled with happiness: I went mountain biking with my boyfriend and loved it. Even though I crashed head-first into a tree. What a squid.

SO, here are some fairly unrelated photos. But these are the things I felt like I wanted to take photos of the time, so it clearly shows what makes me happy. Street art (from my London wanderings), nice countryside (from a walk with my boyfriend), and my vegetable tart about to go in the over (from… dinner).


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