100 Days of Happiness: Days 58-66

Over a week’s break this time! I thought about just stopping, but I reckon I’d regret it when I only had 50 days to look back on.

SO here are this week’s photos. There are some recurring themes: sun, boyfriend, gym, and food. I guess those are the things that make me happy.


100 Days of Happiness: Day 57


EDIT: this accidentally saved in my drafts rather than posting! Quelle domage!

2nd May 2017

My Happy for today is easy to identify. I went to an alumni lecture by my old Classics department, and loved every second of it. I miss uni, but love that Classics is still and always will be part of my identity.

100 Days of Happiness: Days 52-56

Another week, another montage of photos because i havent been able to do one every day!

I’ve had a good week. It’s been busy at work, which is always preferable, and I’ve had a lovely bank holiday weekend. My overall Happy was seeing Muncie Girls at Boileroom Guildford, a great gig which made me want to start a band. But then, every gig makes me want to do that.