100 Days of Happiness: Days 16, 17, and 18


I have been TERRIBLE at keeping this updated over the last half a week, but I’ve been ill in bed, so gimme a break. My Happy for the last few days have been various, including a trip to the theatre, a lovely phone call at work, and a film night with my sister. But overall, I’m pretty damn Happy that everyone I know was okay in the Westminster attacks. It’s scary how close I work to the site of the tragedy, and also weird how normal it feels. So here is a photo I took at lunch today, sitting in Trafalgar Square eating leftover pasta, looking out at my home city.


100 Days of Happiness: Day 13


18th March 2017

It is actually the early hours of Sunday 19th March, but at least you can’t say I’m not dedicated to my art. (So much sarcasm). My Happy for today has been seeing Luna dog and all my best friends from uni. I love these lot and hope we will remain friends for a very long time.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 11


16th March 2017

This is a mediocre photo of the Actors’ Church in Covent Garden. My Happy for today was actually twofold: a lovely iced tea with a friend, where time actually flew so fast, and a yoga/pilates class with a lovely instructor.

Simple things, really. But nice.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 10

20170315_17101015th March 2017

This 100 Days of Happiness challenge has just made me realise how much I love the sun, and the sky, and the general feeling of looking up. Not, y’know, metaphorically or anything. Just the simple beauty of clouds, or a lack thereof. I was pretty much alone in the office again, so my Happy didn’t come from there, although I did enjoy singing along to the radio. My Happy didn’t even really come from sitting outside Covent Garden in the blazing sunshine at lunchtime. It came from a spontaneous meal with my sister and dad. It was lovely and funny and tasty, and made me come home with a smile on my face.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 9

14th March 2017

It’s double photo day! But only because I didn’t actually take a photo for my Happy today, which was Mae Martin’s excellent gig at the already legendary Bill Murray pub in Angel. The other photo is just yet another sunset image because I love dusk and I felt bad about the shitty screenshot being my ninth day of happiness.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 8


13th March 2017

A long day.

My Happy for today was seeing these lovely ducks in the morning sun outside NVCO HQ. My 8am walk along the canal was pretty beautiful.

Apologies for not writing more today. I was alone in the office all day, so there wasn’t much to take photos of.

100 Days of Happiness: Day 7


12th March 2017

Today was very much a Sunday-y day. I lazed around in bed for ages, wandered around a charity bookshop with my boyfriend, drank tea and ate biscuits, and watched countless episodes of Parks and Rec. I love exploring my area – top find for today was a nature reserve round the corner from my house!